Data retrieval

Please, note that any publication containing data from the Telescopi Joan Oró should include the following general acknowledgment:

The Joan Oró Telescope (TJO) of the Montsec Astronomical Observatory (OAdM) is owned by the Catalan Government and operated by the Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC).

Data obtained with the TJO can be retrieved through two different procedures, depending on whether they are public or proprietary data.

Proprietary data

Usually data is obtained as part of an observation proposal. The PI of the proposal has the right to access the data immediately after being downloaded to the main server. The procedure to retrieve proprietary data requires access to the proposal (through the MUR Intranet). After registration, observers can find the data for their proposals by clicking the Phase 3 link of the given proposal. If desired, the PI can provide access to the proposal collaborators by contacting the OAdM staff.

Automatic data reduction is attempted for all the images provided. In case that no errors are found during the data reduction procedure, three files are provided at the end of each night with observations:
  • One compressed tar file containing the raw data as FITS files and all calibration images (from the same night when available) used in the data reduction.
  • One compressed tar file containing the reduced data as FITS files, including master frames (bias, darks and flats) used for the reduction.
  • One compressed tar file containing the extracted photometry and astrometry and two auxiliary files:
    • The first auxiliary file (rawdata.txt) contains information on the night quality and on the header content of raw images.
    • The second auxiliary file (reddata.txt) contains information on the reduced data, including the master bias, master dark and master flat used to reduce each image.
    • The resulting absolute astrometry and instrumental photometry for each one of the corrected science images is provided in an ASCII file following the Sextractor format. Please, see the Sextractor manual for the detailed meaning of each column.

Public data

One year after the acquisition of the proprietary data, raw data observations can be retrieved publicly. The Spanish Virtual Observatory, through collaborative effort with the IEEC, is providing access to the TJO public raw data at the TJO specific web page at the SVO.