Proposal submission

Several help pages are provided to complete the several phases of the MUR  observation procedure:
  • Phase 1. Help to fill in the proposal submission form.
  • Phase 2. Help to fill in the observation design form.
  • Coordinate formats. Information about the exact format for the several coordinate types.
  • Examples. Some examples for potentially confusing fields.

In case that some information is missing in the help pages, the observer is welcome to contact the OAdM staff with particular questions or feedback regarding specific aspects of the submission procedure. In fact, the OAdM staff should be considered like a virtual support astronomer, being able to answer specific questions about the performance of the telescope and instrument. Even though, observers are kindly asked to be as independent as possible. Filling the several forms, specially the phase 2 form, should be considered as time consuming as preparing an observation for a normal (on-site operated) telescope. Please, consider that the information provided in the phase 2 is automatically processed by MUR and queued at the telescope without any human interaction.